Heather Neill

Representationalist oil painter

On first glance, people frequently view oil painter Heather Neill’s work as realism.  However, Heather finds freedom in her explorations of light and interpreting subject matter that reflects her studies of Martha’s Vineyard and rural Pennsylvania.

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Visions of Home – The Work of Heather Neill, There is beauty to be found in the pattern on a porcelain teacup, or the “patina of a working boat at rest.” In her nostalgic, lifelike, and sometimes whimsical paintings, artist Heather Neill pays homage to the ordinary — items that are likely overlooked before Neill captures their essence in luxuriant color and exquisite detail. Follow Neill as she finds inspiration for her latest painting, all the while expounding on her muses, which include her wife, Pat, and a handful of dear friends who are bastions of New England Yankee-ism. From the expansive blue of the Martha’s Vineyard coastline to the verdant green of her garden in rural Pennsylvania, see the world through this artist’s eyes, and get a peek into her process, as she explores what it really means to be “home.” 48:30

Tribal Baroque

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Operatic voice, violin, and dance duo

Using countertenor and coloratura soprano vocals, Thoth and Lili’Angelique create fantasy operas based on love and devotion, accompanied by ritual theater, dance, foot-percussion, and Violins

Tribal Baroque: Beingness, is a 30-minute film featuring two artists – one channeling a Pink Angel, the other an Egyptian God – who use operatic voices, violin, and dance to express life, love, death and what it means to BE. Thoth & Lila’Angelique of Tribal Baroque allow us behind the makeup and the stage and into their personal realm, an extraordinary land of their own making, where art and identity are one. 30:48

On Busking

Performing in Hidden Places

How They Met And Began Performing Together

Makeup And Smoothies

The Language Of Music

Death and Performance

Anne Wolf

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Metals artist and photographer

Anne Wolf is a master in the art of Mokume Gane, Japanese for wood-grain metal. She applies pressure, heat, hammer and years of experience to craft gold, silver, and other metals into inspiring jewelry and sculptures.

Anne Wolf: The Ancient Art of Mokume Gane introduces the audience to the centuries-old Japanese metalworking art form called Mokume Gane and one of its current masters.  Anne shares the meticulous approach required for this metalworking process, her initial influences, the importance she places on sourcing sustainable materials, and how creating custom wedding bands for the gay community brought some inspiration to her own life. 11:50

The Name “Anneville Studio”

About Mokume Gane

Anne’s Early Inspirations

Wedding Rings and Gay Marriage

On Using Recycled Metals

Mario Torero

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Muralist and Painter

Renowned muralist and Chicano painter Mario Torero is a self-described “artivist” who uses his work to bring about social change.

Mario Torero: Artivist tells the story of Mario Torero – painter, muralist, teacher, social activist, community leader.  The film explores how Mario’s work is informed by his painter father Guillermo Acevedo; his upbringing in a bohemian arts culture in Peru; the influence of the maestro painters; the history of the mural movement; and the struggles of the Chicano movement over the last few decades. 12:46

Chicano Park – It All Started Here 1:35

The Roots Of The Chicano Mural Movement 1:17

Peace In The World – Mario’s Mural At San Diego Museum Of Art 2:06

Colossus And The Origin Of The Word Chicano 2:05

Peter G. Kalivas

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Dancer, Producer, Singer

Peter is an award-winning choreographer, director, producer of Concert Dance, Off-Broadway, Musical Theater, Industrials, Vegas-style productions, Television and Film.

Body As Phenomenon_ is a 15-minute film featuring dancer and choreographer Peter G. Kalivas of the PGK Dance Project.  “In this film, centered around a single rehearsal and performance of one of Kalivas’s latest works, we get a brief glimpse into the mind and life of a world-class choreographer, leaving us with a deeper understanding of Kalivas’s art, and greater respect for the incredible skill and dedication of his professional dancers.” — Director David Fokos

Sound of Dance 1:51

The Role Of The Choreographer 1:18

12 Different Choreographers 0:29

What dance can communicate 1:03

On Being Demanding Of His Dancers 0:43

Frank Lee Drennen

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Front man for Dead Rock West

Singer, songwriter, guitar player, photographer.  Frank Lee Drennen has been the front man for Dead Rock West for a decade, traveling easily across rock and roll, folk, American, country, and other genres. 39:20

How Dead Rock West was named. 1:26

On writing and melody. 2:10

On singing with Cindy Wasserman. 3:19

A guitar named Dolores. 2:27

Desert and Sea. 1:55

Inspirations. 2:00

Trinh Mai

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Visual Artist

Classically-trained abstract painter. Second-generation Vietnamese-American whose work communicates a deep spiritual connection to the culture and heritage she documents, frequently using found objects.

Trinh Mai shares her inspirations, from nature to her Vietnamese heritage. Across oil, charcoal, photographs, ink, thread, and found objects, her underlying intention to honor life always shines through regardless of medium. 25:01

Human first, Artist second, Painter third. 1:03

Story behind her Bones projects. 1:17

On nature as inspiration. 2.45

Stories about Vietnam. 3:01

Story behind her Quiet installation. 4:30


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