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The Artist Odyssey is a global network of filmmakers documenting the world’s artists.  Our Emmy Award winning team takes you into artist studios around the world via compelling documentaries and inspiring lessons featuring leading photographers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, and performing artists.

Here is an example of documentaries you’ll see. Visions of Home: The Work of Heather Neill recently premiered with the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society at the Capawock Theatre.

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Our Mission

To fulfill our vision of connecting the world’s artists and audiences, our mission is to craft a global arts experience that lets people engage through documentaries, lessons, and community.  Specifically, our five-year goal is to produce and curate ten thousand documentaries and lessons from around the world, for an archive rich in artistic, cultural, and geographic diversity.

Who We Are

The Artist Odyssey is a global arts community, comprised of artists, media professionals, parents, teachers, learners, philanthropists, and business people. At the heart of this community is a group of filmmakers, photographers, and writers who are passionate about documenting artists’ journeys. Our core team and advisors have over 300 collective years of professional arts production experience. Our two executive producers have won regional Emmy Awards for Arts and Entertainment programming.

Our advisors include the former CEO of LinkTV, a satellite TV network with an arts focus that reached 55m homes; a 7-time Grammy-winning record producer; the former head of partnerships for; and Hollywood’s leading trumpet player who has played both the Oscars and Emmys for over 25 years each, and has played on over 1250 films and 100 gold and platinum records.